Music has been an innate passion of Trussardi Creative Director since childhood and continues to permeate most of her work. For her, fashion cannot exist without music and vice versa. This was evident at Trussardi’s FW16 menswear presentation, where the band members initially met.
Filippo Bertipaglia, Francesco Chimenti, Ermanno Fabbri, Marco Fanciullini, Luca Galimberti, Luca Palmieri and Domi Tinelli make up the band’s seven members. While each come to the project with their unique history - some have been playing the piano since they were eight years old while others trained classically on the cello from age 13 - they’re all equally passionate and hands-on about the band. “Everybody is important…there’s no ‘main guy,’” one of the members explains. 
Right now, the group spends much of their time jamming in a Milanese studio together arranging original ideas, and Gaia Trussardi is also an unmissable source of inspiration. She and the guys often enjoy spending their time writing songs together and co-producing the band’s songs. 
The band recently played their first major show in front of an audience of 10,000 people. Even with so much at stake, they seem confident: “This is my job now, and I am happy when I work,” says one of them. That’s what all seven of the band members are focused on right now: the work in front of them.